Luxury Recliner Leather Sofa Set

Allie PF-65 3-seat sofa with 2 power recliners | 98" x 41" x 30"H
Allie MF-75 arm chair with power recliner | 50" x 41" x 30"H
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Contemporary Recliner Sofa

Allie PF-65 3-seat sofa w/ 26" seat and 2 power recliners.
Dimensions: 98" x 41" x 30"H/ seat height 19". Available in stock program.
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Contemporary Recliner Chair Contemporary Recliner Chair

Allie MF-75 arm chair w/ 30" seat and power recliner wood legs.
Dimensions: 48" x 38" x 30"H/ seat height 19". Available in stock program in Stone leather grade 3. Certified - chemical free.
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Contemporary Recliner Sectional

Allie sectional - custom-made in any color of fine Italian leather; certified - chemical free.
The price depends on the size and configuration of the sectional and grade of leather.
Allow 4 to 5 months more or less for delivery on custom orders.
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