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Modern Sofas and Chairs

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Contemporary Sofas and Chairs

Luxury Leather Sectional Contemporary Fabric Sectional Designer Chairs Contemporary Leather Sofa Sale German Sofas
Shakira Colombo SALE Evolution Chair Matteo SALE Primanti German
In Stock In Stock Special Order In Stock Custom Made
The German collection offers custom made chairs and sofas, sectionals, and Italian leather recliners.
German engineering with fine Italian leather or Elmo Swedish leather - all certified no chemicals EMAS Green!
Also shown fine Italian leather sofa's and chairs made the old way in Asia to reduce price.
Contemporary Recliner Leather Sectional Leather Recliner Recliner Leather Sectional Luxury Leather Recliner Sofa Set Contemporary Recliner Leather Sectional
#95 Recliner #8501 Recliner Johnson Recliner Allie Recliner #760 Recliner
Special Order In Stock In Stock Custom Made In Stock

A complete colletion of European sofas and sectional at every price level.

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Contemporary Electrical Recliner Luxury Recliner Leather Armchair Occasional Chair Sale Occasional Grey Fabric Chair Swivel Chairs
#1705 Electrical Recliner Nora Recliner SALE Angel Chair SALE Bruges Chair Velvet Chair
In Stock In Stock In Stock In Stock In Stock

New recliner armc hairs in designer leather.
Contemporary Fabric Sofa Bed Contemporary Sectional Sleeper Recliner Modern Fabric Sleeper Sectional Contemporary Sectional Sleeper Modular Sectional
#98 Sofa Bed Sleeper and Recliner 1471 Grey Fabric Credo Sleeper Play Pen Modular
In Stock In Stock In Stock In Stock In Stock

SOFA BEDS - A great selection of contemporary European. Finally after many years - sofa beds have changed.
Offering luxury and affordable sofa beds perfect for rental condo or or small home. Make the most of your space.

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Contemporary Chairs Designer Sofa Custom Chair Custom High Back Chair Retro Chair
Moon Chair Sophia Marlowe Oliver Chair Globe Bench
Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made

Or choose from the custom-made collection with passion
suede or vinyl leather and beautiful Swarovski Crystals.

Leather Sofa Bed Contemporary Leather Sofa Set Modern Sofa in fabric German Sectional Contemporary Sectional
Vito Sleeper #410 Sofa Set #1174 Sofa adjustable German Mia #631 Leather
Special Order In Stock In Stock Custom Made In Stock

And the New York warehouse is full of cow hide leather
sofas and sectional's at a discount price.

Gold Plated Frame Occasional Chair Swivel Chairs Modern Sofa Modern Chairs Contemporary Barrel Leather Chair
OC-521 / OC-520 Ritz Chair Crystal Bench USA Crystal Sofa USA Tango Swivel
Special Order Special Order Custom Made Custom Made Special Order

Order custom or choose in stock Italian leather sofas.

Curved Sofa Contemporary Italian Leather Sectional Modern Leather Armchair Contemporary Fabric Sofa Contemporary Leather Sofa
Entusiastic Sofa #625 Sectional Allen Chair Response Sofa A973 Sofa
In Stock In Stock Special Order In Stock In Stock

Offering a large selection of sofas made in Europe, the USA, and Asia. See the German Collection.

Contemporary Leather Sectional Modern Sofa Set Wood Bench Contemporary Leather Sofa Contemporary Recliner Sectional
#2119 Leather #253 Sofa Set Wood Bench Astro Sofa Set #2146 Recliner
In Stock In Stock In Stock In Stock In Stock

Two of our suppliers are making high end Italian furniture in Asia.

Contemporary Sectional Designer Sofa Set Italian Fabric Curved Sectional Modern Leather Sectional Leather Sectional
#2566 Leather 258 Sofa New York Sectional A761 Sectional A973 Sectional
In Stock In Stock Special Order In Stock In Stock

You can spend a lot of choose from our warehouse program. The in stock items
do not offer a choice in colors like custom, but there are some real bargains here.

Apolo Sofa Set Contemporary Bench Leather Sofa Modern Chair Modern Lounge Chairs
Apolo Sofa Set Benches Loft Sofa set Wing Chairs Lounge Chairs
In Stock In Stock In Stock In Stock In Stock

Choose any item and you will be pleased with the quality in relationship to price.

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