M/Y Shamwari

M/Y Shamwari | 150 feet | Eight Guest - 13 Crew | Made in Italy
Charters for $ 250,000 per week, not including fuel, tip, or food.

M/Y Shamwari

Shamwari stops for fuel in Bermuda before crossing the Atlantic.
How many miles to the gallon? Well, you have to quote this in gallons per mile.
Shamwari burns 250 gals per hour and does about 20 knots, so it takes 250 gals
to move 20 miles. So Shamwari uses 12.5 gallons per mile. Regardless of the price
of gas, the great tradition of crossing the Atlantic by sea continues in the 1990's.

M/Y Shamwari

Shamwari at The Wall in the Azores Islands (600 miles west of Spain)
where for the past 400 years ships crossing the Atlantic stopped for supplies.
The tradition remains today that each passing ship paint the ships logo on The Wall.
Our crew has been at sea for weeks. We crossed in the Storm of the Century seen on TV.
It's a pleasure to set foot on land if only for one day.

Capri, Italy

Passing by the Caves of Capri, Italy


Making repairs at the island of Corsica, France.


Shamwari anchored off the coast of Italy.


All 13 crew train non-stop to serve Royalty and a live-a-board owner.
Every detail is planned and timed aboard Shamwari from the start of breakfast
at 7:30 am to dinner ending around 10:00 pm. It's called Experience Engineering.
It means that the crew knows the desires of each guest and responds ahead of time.
Notice the security camera built into the stair viewable from anywhere on the ship.
Notice the food and water dish for Zack the dog. With 13 crew the large dog has many
servants to clean up his mess or serve the finest dog food at any hour.


Shamwari docks at the Kingdom of Monaco.

Monaco is a Kingdom located between France and Italy. In the right side of the photo above you can see Italy.
The King owns everything in town including the casino at Monaco that the American actress Princess Grace built.
She died in a tragic car accident on these hills when her brakes mysteriously failed.
Her death was a painful tragedy to the King. We all felt his grief. Some speculate that her death had
something to do with the casino and the Italian Mafia. No doubt that Monaco is where the
rich and famous of Europe hang out. The richest in the world. "It's a sunny place for shady people,"
said Mike Jagger on Larry King Live. At the casino there is a place for "commoners" to watch as the
richest of the world arrive with an entourage fit for a King. The Italian cars are most impressive.
You have never seen so much wealth. Addition into the casino is difficult to impossible for most. You must
act the part ($ 1,000 Italian made suite for example). "They did not notice that my suite was made at Belk," Capt. Gill Says.
Also, your credit history is checked. "I thought I would fail the credit check for sure. But I passed.
The computer must have been down that day. I am servant class. A nautical Cinderella.
The owner of Shamwari bet me $1 that I would never be allowed into the casino.
Minimum bets can be as high as $ 225,000. So at least I won $1," Capt. Gill says.

King of Saudi Arabia's Yacht

The King of Saudi Arabia's Yacht

This is the King's private yacht. That is one of our stewardess in the photo
applying for a job. You can't blame a women for trying to get ahead! She did not
get the job but King Fahd gave her a solid gold watch for attending the interview.
How kind of the King to help the poor in such an elegant way. Who did King Fahd
buy his yacht from? Donald Trump of course.

Captain's Log

The owner of Shamwari came to America with $ 2,000 and started his global company with nothing.
Prior to founding Texas Instruments he was a pilot in the Zimbabwe Air force. Army pay doesn't make you rich.
America made this mega-yacht owner rich. The word "Shamwari" is Zimbabwe for old friend.

Yacht Shamwari

Shamwari is an example of why so many call America the land of opportunity.
Interior Designers, to see the interior of this $ twenty million dollar yacht, click on page 2.

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