History may hold clues about our future.
For example, Americana was built in 1929 with a 120 volt DC electrical system.
This required hundreds of batteries to store the power much like solar power requires for the future.

Invention in Wind Power Ends in the Early 1900's

"Americana is a motor yacht in form but a sailboat in substance.
As a sailor at heart I understand that the longer the hull the faster the hull speed.
For example in the 1800's prior to the invention of the steam engine Clipper Ships where
crossing the Atlantic under sail using wind power at an average speed of 21 knots. When
the steam engine was invented the glory days of sailing ended. The end of sailing cargo
ships was a sad day in human history because invention in wind power ended.
But it took years for hull design to change," the captain says.

The bridge is not like a modern day motor yacht. But Americana's hull cuts through waves
like no other powerboat ever has and ever will again. It's like a hot knife cutting through butter.
The canoe stern is made to take a hit from behind. Americana can do 21 knots in a following sea.
And she can do more. Americana has the sleek shape of sailboat but almost no keel by comparison.

No matter where she goes nothing attracts more attention than Americana.

The interior of any mega-yacht is like the Temple of God.

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