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High Point Furniture Market

Dr. Anna Milostanova, VP

1 Contemporary Furniture attends the International Home Furniture Market, High Point, NC to look at new designs for the year. We are a global import/export company with customers primarily in the USA. The finest modern furniture on earth comes from the oldest country - Italy. Spain and Germany too. Open to the public.

Contemporary Furniture

Capt. Gill Fisher and Dr. Anna Milostanova
President & Vice President
Capt. Gill & Dr. Anna work from their contemporary furniture store
located at Hilton Head Island, SC.

Russian Furniture

Prior to joining 1 Contemporary Furniture Dr. Anna Milostanova was gynecologist in charge of the surgery department at hospital N27 in the Ukraine.
"I lived most of my life in communism under the Soviet Union. I grew up in the city of Kharkov, a large city of 1,400,000. My grandfather was the
Surgeon of Stalingrad who saved many lives during WW II," Anna says. Today Anna is a US Citizen fluent in English and Russian.

M/Y Shamwari

Before founding 1 Contemporary Furniture, Capt. Gill Fisher was an American ship captain working in
Europe aboard mega-yachts like M/Y Shamwari , a 150' Benetti on charter in The Mediterranean with 13 crew.
"I developed a taste for Italian art and design while working in Europe, and I know Italy and shipping.
So why not sell Italian furniture in the USA? The plan seemed easy for me," Capt. Gill says.

Trump Princess located in Antibe, France after Trump sold to The King of Saudi Arabia for $ 20 million. We docked Shamwai beside the Kings yacht in Monaco. Shamwai
stewardess applies for a job but is turned down because women are not allowed to serve men in Saudi Arabia. The King gave her a gold watch for coming to the interview.

M/Y Americana

Also see the M/Y Americana - Al Capons 130' yacht built 1929. On charter in New York for 200 guest.

M/V Savannah Lady

Also see 173' Casino Ship M/V Savannah Lady on charter for 400 guest with 70 crew.

Chevron Offshore Supply Vessel

M/V Chip D, 150' Offshore Supply Vessel, owned by Ensco Marine on contract for Chevron Oil, Gulf of Mexico.
Capt. Gill says, "The oil companies are people. The people of the Gulf providing precious cargo for America.
We are not ready to live without oil. Maybe one day, but not yet," he says.

Yacht furniture - Sailboat Ghost had this glass table custom made in Italy for $ 40,000. When they needed a replacement table,
1 Contemporary had the same table custom made in Italy for $ 20,000. We drop shipped the table direct from the factory to the UK,
from the U.S. And, the customer received another discount because the exchange rate was Euro/US 1.52.

 Contemporary Designs LTD., Inc. BBB Business Review

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Protect Patients Now - Doctors for nation-wide liability reform.

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