Contemporary Stone Dining Set

$ 3,750 - #5073/S Dining table w/ double pedestal in regular travertine with jagged edge
shown with #0811/S dining chairs in Suede - $ 795 ea.
Available in beige travertine, walnut travertine, white marble or tivoli stone with crystals.
Polished top / unpolished base in Travertine. Go back to the main page and look at the stone samples. There is a polished and unpolished
beige travertine and walnut travertine samples.
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Stone Tables Specs

Sizes of available tables in serie #5070 and #9217 buffets.
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Italian Leather Dining Chairs

#0521/S Dining chairs in leather - $ 350 ea. | 18" x 25" x 41"H
Made in Italy. Request info.

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