Stainless Steel Dining Table

ID 527 Wood and Stainless Steel Dining Table. The finish is dark brown - there is no red as photo's show.

$ 2,550 - DT-527 Dining table | 72" x 42" x 30"H
$ 2,650 - DT-527 Dining table | 84" x 42" x 30"H
The finish is dark brown - has no red as the photos show. DT-527 Evolution polished stainless steel base and ebony wood with glass top offers extraordinary quality.
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Contemporary Glass Dining Table

Perhaps the most beautiful buffet the world has ever seen.

High Gloss Buffet

$ 2,795 - BF-337 Buffet in ebony finish | 71" x 20" x 32"H

High Gloss Buffet

BF-337 buffet in Ebony finish. Italian style made in Asia.
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Contemporary Glass Console Table

$ 2,195 - CO-527 Console table | 60" x 18" x 30"H
Evolution console table w/ polished stainless steel base and Ebony wood high gloss finish.
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